Transport Magazine

A site designed entirely under WordPress and Elementor. We have customized and added management tools to greatly simplify the work. All this with SEO optimization to maximize visibility on search engines!

Transport Grayson Inc.

Transport Grayson Inc.

We designed this website using WordPress and Elementor. Fully bilingual thanks to WPML, we put our little touch of personalization in developing a plugin adapted for transport companies to easily manage job offers. All with SEO optimization to maximize visibility on search engines!

Patrick Ste-Marie

We used WordPress with the power of Woocommerce. The “Woocommerce Subscription” and “Woocommerce Membership” extensions offer customers subscription and recurring payment options. We went out of our way to customize certain features by adding features to the entire store.

Le centre d’affaire 412

Easy and self-management, this website designed in multilingual Landing Page format uses the WPML extension for language management. Several elements of animation reinforce the spirited dynamics of this business center. The WordPress “Elementor” editor makes it easy for the client to edit content.

Chomedey kutz

In order to offer increased visibility on the Internet, this multilingual “Landing Page” format site offers relevant information for the customer’s business. Easy to manage via the “Elementor” editor of WordPress, this site uses “Call-To-Action” to redirect customers to its appointment scheduling tool and its social networks.

Trucking Lifestyle

A fully automated online store using WordPress and Woocommerce. The addition of the “Printfull” extension allows importing “Print-On-Demand” items and offers an automated transaction system that sends orders automatically when a customer completes a payment. The ideal passive income!