Chatbot, also known as a chatbot, is software programmed to simulate a conversation in natural language. These systems are increasingly used by companies and websites for several reasons!

In 2016, Facebook followed suit by opening the door to developers by allowing them to use the Messenger platform in order to be able to integrate this system. In 2018, several suppliers are offering the possibility of integrating such a system into a Messenger account associated with a Facebook page.


Using the Chatbot can offer several advantages. From now on, this system is gradually replacing the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages. These pages, included on several Internet sites, consist of a series of common questions with the answers to them. So that the customer or user can get a question answered quickly without having to contact customer service. Thus allowing the reduction of costs related to human communication and also the rapid obtaining of information by the customer.

But the Chatbot is much more than that! Especially when used with Facebook Messenger. Few people know it, but nowadays there are “plug-ins” allowing the integration of this one in a website. This therefore makes it possible to have a communication system on 2 different platforms, namely the Facebook page and the website.

Chatbots, paired with an advertising campaign

This tool becomes extremely powerful when paired with a Facebook ad campaign. Facebook offers many different forms of advertising campaign, including inviting people to communicate with you by private message. Nowadays, everything happens quickly and the customer is more and more demanding! When he clicks on an advertisement, he wants instant information. After clicking on an ad that prompted him to ask a question, if the ad does not get answers quickly, he may quickly move on to something else or to a competitor’s site or page.

With a well-programmed and well-organized robot, this allows you to start a virtual discussion instantly with the latter. Thus allowing most questions to be answered instantly and directing them to the information they need. Also we can use these Chatbots to highlight certain products or promotions.

More and more, these systems are taking more and more place in our lives. Here, we have described some of the options and advantages. We will show you other options and utilities in future blogs!