Before going a little deeper into this topic, I’ll explain one of the main causes of ad campaign failure. Several of my clients, during our first consultation, ask me why their campaigns (both Facebook and Google) are not working and that their ROI is a disaster. There are several factors that can be taken into account such as the targeting, the message, the platform used and so on.

Most of the time, the major problem for a campaign configured to attract visitors to a website is the “Landing Page”.

Let me give you as an example a customer who is shopping in a department store.

Imagine that this customer would find himself in front of 2 identical items, but with completely different packaging. He would have the choice between the product (A) which is in a brown cardboard box and without pictures, making it hard to imagine its contents. The product (B) as for him would have a transparent plastic frontage with the product very visible and moreover the characteristics of the product would be very well displayed. Yet the product (A) is the same as the product (B)!

I can guarantee that the product (A) will sell for much less than the product (B). Why? Because the product (B) has a lot more information to provide and the customer quickly knows what to expect from the product!

The packaging of your product

The website is like the box for your product. You can show it to as many visitors as you want. But if they don’t find the information there quickly, it won’t stay on your site. If the visitor does not have enough material to get a quick idea of what you have to offer them and the advantage they have in doing business with you instead of a competitor, you will lose them. .

The first step is to polish the image of your business, your products and your services. You have to work on the ergonomics, the appearance of your site, the “Call To Action” and especially the appearance of the site in mobile format.

The rule of 3 seconds or 15 seconds?

If your site is slow and takes more than 3 seconds to load, your visitors will leave your website before they even see what you have to offer. We are in an era that moves quickly and where impatience is the master.

But there is another rule that we hear about a little less often, that of 15 seconds. This rule says you have 15 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. If the visitor couldn’t find what they’re looking for or if you haven’t intrigued them in less than 15 seconds, that visitor will abandon you.

Investing a little more on a clear, fast website with well-placed “Call To Action” will help you greatly reduce your advertising costs!